23 x 16 x .2 cm
When I was a sophmore in college I bought a hilariously ironic green chair from the salvation army. I owned it for about 5 years, at which point its irony had disipated and its true wear became apparent. At that point in my life, though, it represented the throne upon which I observed the world from upon high. And for about 20% of my life thus far, no less.
When trash night came– THE trash night– I cut a swath from the area upon which my right hand would rest. As a momento.
I do hope to someday return to my intellectual glory.

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Should You Use Ellevest? (Or Betterment, Wealthfront, Wealthsimple, etc)

I get loads of questions about the many options that exist in the investment universe. Many of which are to do with the “new internet FinTech companies” that’re out there spawnin’ like pregnant (male!!) seahorses. “Should I use Ellevest?” “Should I use Wealthfront?” “Should I use Betterment?” These are three of the most common questions I […]

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Exterior Painting – Preparing Your Home For Painting

Exterior painting of residential houses is actually a big undertaking and must be performed by a specialist painter. Nevertheless, should you choose to deal with this as a diy project there are a couple of things you must do to make the task appear professional. The secret to success is actually in the preparation.

You will find 2 very important things to help keep in your mind while you prepare your painting project. It’s also essential to remember that rain is going to make a serious mess out of your color task. Additionally, beware of strong sunlight. Direct sunlight is going to cause the brand new paint to blister and this might leave marks in which the color has dried way too fast. In order to stop these issues, attempt to paint on the edge of the home which is actually in the shade where you can. Take the time of yours, do your preparation measures closely and keep in mind that the friends and neighbors are actually watching.

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Roll Off Dumpsters – Need Some Place to Dump Your Junk? 10 Things to Know!

It really is used during construction jobs. Sometimes an individual will use one if they are clearing out a homely house they are on the point of sell. It’s a good way to eliminate tons of items that could be just thrown involved with it whenever. When you’re trying to save money during your projects, you can take care of financials by investing your 401k to gold, and consider the low cost dumpster options. Roll off dumpsters have become many and convenient times it seems sensible to rent one.

1. Roll off dumpsters are helpful if you are cleaning up your garage, during bathroom remodeling, spring basement and cleaning clean outs. They are helpful during kitchen remodeling and eliminating roofing debris also. When you have your windows replaced they could be a huge help eliminating scrap metal,. These du… Read More

Thinkering with Dumpster Science

The Dumpster Project was excited to bring Dumpster Science experiences to Thinkery campers for a second summer. The Thinkery, Austin’s interactive children’s museum, runs a series of themed summer day camps for K-5th graders. Campers investigate subjects like water and the human body using the Thinkery’s trademark blend of science and play. The Hydroexplorers and Fantastic Human Machine programs align perfectly with our Dumpster Science water and health lessons.

Campers built simple filters and learned about safe drinking water.

Campers built simple filters and learned about safe drinking water.

Hydroexplorers spent their week at the Thinkery investigating the science of water, from physical properties to water … Read More

Dumpster passes 6 months and moves to Phase II

Air conditioning in a 36 sq. ft. dumpster, part of a sustainability experiment on the Huston-Tillotson University campus, has arrived just in time for the August Texas heat.

Dumpster Project

Dumpster Project

Phase II of the experiment will include a connection to the electrical grid, household appliances, and most amenities found in a modern home. Phase I, which launched on February 4, 2014, included living with no amenities, including sourcing  water from Lady Bird Lake. Professor Dumpster and HT’s Green is the New BlackTM (GITNB) st… Read More

How To Dispose of Old Boats & Watercrafts

You can learn to dispose of old boats and watercraft, but you need to have some thought about this because you will start noticing that there are a lot of things that you can do to make those old boats and watercraft turn into cash. You have probably thought about boat rentals in Jonestown TX because now you can just rent a boat and now you can get rid of the things that you have had to hold onto that you did not really want to deal with. Someone who has had problems with their boats in the past can get rid of those boats, but they should go through a few steps that will make it easier to dispose of them in the right way.

The first thing that you can do is to make it clear that you are ready to get rid of this boat in all the parts. There are a lot of parts that you will want to get out of the boat, and you will notice that you can have the boat completely pulled apart. You will have a lot of people who will want to have the parts that come from your boat, and you can sell of… Read More