Solving All of the Problems, Dumpster Style

High school students in Skillpoint Alliance’s Velocity program applied problem-based learning to create Dumpster Project-inspired solutions. Skillpoint’s Velocity program provides hands-on training to STEM students who tackle real-world problems for their business or nonprofit clients. Students form consulting “companies” who research and design their client’s projects, complete a business and financial plan, and prototype or pilot implementation. Students at Del Valle High School and Manor High School took on two very different Dumpster Project challenges.

Manor High School students incorporated two different Dumpster challenges into a comprehensive water-energy plan during their spring Velocity Capstone program. Students researched current and future water and energy needs then incorporated a combination of approaches to model a net zero dumpster home. One of their design parameters was portability, so the students included portable grey water treatment and even r… Read More

Graduating a New Class of Dumpster Residents

We are pleased to have hosted five intrepid educators in our Dumpster home over the spring and summer. Educators working with any grade level or type of educational organization are invited to stay in the Dumpster through our Home School Residency Program. During the residency period, educators stay in the Dumpster home for one night to a week. The stay could be framed as a personal sustainability experiment, a hook to engage participation in a schoolwide environmental challenge, a spark to student brainstorming in the classroom, or anything else a creative educator can imagine! The educators who have stayed with us thus far – Betty Jenkins, Anthony Jefferson, Diane Bertotti, Patrick Benfield, and Brad Melius – put their dumpster time to use in ways that reflect their personal missions as educators.

Betty Jenkins, Principal of Blackshear Elementary Fine Arts Academy, has led her east Austin school through a successful transition from elementary school with a standard K-5 … Read More

Disk-GO-Case of 45’s

I bought this disk-GO-case for 5 bucks. I would have paid 5 bucks for the empty case but it was full of 45’s, so when i opened it up and saw “The Royal Teens” Short Shorts on the top of the pile it was a no brainer. So i bought it without looking at anymore of the 45’s or the condition. So i figured it might be fun to just go through the 45’s one by one and post them as i go through them. I have no idea what is in here or if any of it is any good. If the 45 was a “hit” like Short Shorts, I will post the flip.

Royal Teens – Planet Rock

Well, this isn’t going according to plan very well because the next 2 45’s i pulled out of the case (The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack & The Safaris – Wipe Out) were both pretty beat up… Read More