I know, I know, I neglect this blog too much! I am glad there is not a hot line for someone to report me, they would probably take my blog away from me! I have been so busy at the shop, and Face Book seems to be my GO-TO for posting! I just wanted to share a few Christmas items I made. Nothing special, just fun!
Box of garland, ball jars & pine cones!
A beautiful skate made by a friend (face book ReBlinged)
wreath for my front door
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Your Financial Order of Operations: Where in the Hell Do I Even Begin?

I ran this article a few years ago (!!!) titled as What Should My Money Resolution Be? Recycling content because this shit is hashtag evergreen hashtag timeless if I do say so myself!!! Alright. You’re resolved to get your money life in order. First of all, good on ya, mate!! I’m here to tell you […]

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37 x 16 x 2 cm
I found this piece of an oar on my honeymoon in Croatia. My wife and I were there in 2005. I brought it home and eventually used it as a prop in an animation about the process of sight (hence the brain image). When Oliver moved to the states and we shared a studio, I screen printed ‘OAR’ on it, which was the name of the collective he, his brother Rory, Duke and I operated under in some of our art project endeavors. So there it is. That’s what this thing is and why it looks like it does…. Read More

Unscoped Radio Aircheck: KMSC 102.1 Clear Lake City, TX August 17, 1968

This is most likely not Ellen, the DJ you hear on the aircheck below (I picked the photo because the studio equipment was period-correct for live operated FM radio stations of 1968…And she looked cool.)There’s a certain indescribable beauty to an unscoped radio aircheck.

Hold up, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself; What’s an unscoped radio aircheck?

An unscoped radio aircheck is a complete, unedited recording of an over the air radio or TV broadcast. For example, have you ever popped a blank cassette in your tape deck, hit record and just let the tape roll until it ends, capturing DJ talk, commercials, music, jingles, everything? Congratulations! You just made an unscoped aircheck! Without even knowing what you were doing was even profess… Read More