Kellogg’s Just Right Cereal

Kellogg’s Just Right cereal was introduced in the USA in 1985. My mom bought a box and I remember us trying this, only getting a few bites in until we had to dump the rest of our bowls into the trash. It was nasty.

My peers in high school had the same opinion and we called it Just Sucks. The cereal was basically a fruitcake in a box. It had bran flakes, corn flakes, dates, raisins, almond bits and oats and pretty much targeted at the yuppie bunch.

This cereal had a massive ubiquitous TV advertising campaign for it (perhaps the largest I had ever seen for a cereal) and discount offers that moms of that time couldn’t resist. But everyone under the age of 30 hated this commercial as much as the cereal because it was guaranteed to pop up at least 4 times an hour during day… Read More

My new SHOP!

WOW.. I did not realize how long it has been since I posted to my blog! I have been super busy getting my new shop ready for grand opening this weekend!! I am so excited to have a bigger place!! I just got the outside painted today, I will post before & after pictures of it tomorrow! Here are some inside shots!

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I had a busy day at the shop! We finished painting the out side!! We reupholstered this beautiful chair, and added a seat to this fabulous rocking chair for the shop’s front porch!! Getting ready for GRAND OPENING THIS WEEKEND!

SHOP BEFORE (Hunter Green)
SHOP AFTER!!! Gray with white trim & Black door!
Door & Trim AFTER!
OLD Light fixture!
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China Cabinet Make Over

I had the pleasure of doing a Makeover for this beauty! It is going in a SALON!, So I knew I had to make her look BEAUTIFUL! She was a Blond, but I decided she needed to be dyed (painted) black! After she was painted, Then I figured she needed some curls! I used this awesome paper (disposable table runner) from Cake Vintage Click on the link to see more!  I have used this before, but I used decoupage. This time I used the 3M 77 spray! I LOVED IT! **TIP** Before you start painting something that you want to add paper or fabric to, take the back off, it is way easier to paint it because you can work on both sides, and you wont get paint on the paper/fabric. It is also easier to put the paper/fabric on! Once you finish painting the piece, place the newly covered back panel back on!  She is ready for her debut at the salon Bella Couture in Melissa TX!! 
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Chapter 4

Well as you all know, I have been pretty busy, so I have not had a lot of time to write chapter 4!  SO…Here ya go! If you have not read chapters 1-3, you might want to do that before you read 4!! A little over 18 years ago, my husband the “DUDE” and I were having lots of problems. I know a lot of people would never tell things that happen to them because they don’t want others to judge them, or they are too ashamed, but I feel like I should tell you these things. Maybe, to help you get through your hard times, or to just use what we went through as a testimony of what God can do, IF YOU will allow Him! My husband has NEVER laid a hand on me, he has never even called me a bad name, however, he did have a problem with drugs and alcohol.  Like most people who have that addiction, he neglected his bills and things we, as a family needed, so he would have what he “needed”. I was miserable. Being a stay at home mom of 4, the kids would get the brunt of my unhappiness. I woul… Read More

Make it into something useful~

Here I am again! Just showing up like this, after I have been MIA for so long. Well, if you follow me on face book, then you know how busy I am, but I can’t make excuses!! Well, today, I finished a project! It was an old Chicken incubator but now…..It could be an Island or even used as an accent table! As I always say, take something that would be trash and make it into something useful!!!

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Old Fashion Milk Paint

I have been super busy at the shop! I finally got to order my OLD FASHION MILK PAINT!!! I got a few “PINT” samples in and let me tell ya…. I’M HOOKED!! I love the way it “looks like” I spent hours sanding to give it a worn out appearance!! Something totally unexpected and kinda funny happened, and it was a pleasant surprise! After I painted this piece, (ONE COAT) I sanded the edges. Well, my husband, trying to be helpful got a damp sponge to wipe off the dust from sanding. I wish I had a video of what happened next. As he started wiping, the paint started coming off!! He looked at me real fast, like a little kid doing something he knew was wrong! He goes “OOPS” I looked over and I said…OH NO…Then as I looked closer, I said “WOW…KEEP GOING, I LOVE IT” It did not come off every where, just in random spots, like where the paint was thicker etc. I am totally SOLD on this!! Now, I must say, Milk Paint has it’s place. I personally will not paint everything with this, b… Read More

The Scopitone and Cinebox

An American Scopitone 450 jukebox. Image: Scopitone ArchiveThe Scopitone and Cinebox (later renamed Colorama) were early 1960s “video jukeboxes”. Introduced in America in 1964, they were popular for a few years, growing to a peak of Scopitones in 800 locations in 1966. Then they vanished by the end of the decade.

Although not the first of it’s kind (there are mechanical and human assisted, silent and black and white examples of coin operated on-demand movie systems going back to the early 1900s, including the 1940s Panoram and the notorious “peep-show” private viewers), the Scopitone and Cinebox were different in that they were all… Read More