Call me crazy, go ahead, it wouldn’t be the first time!! When we moved into the new shop, we divided a portion of it for my daughters photography studio. The floors are horrible and we are trying to figure out a CHEAP FIX!! My daughter wanted her part of the floors WHITE… NOT A GOOD IDEA! So after a few weeks of non stop cleaning, we I HAD TO DO SOMETHING! I told my daughter that maybe doing a “dry brush” of gray over the white would make it look like old wood planks. I did a small sample, and well…see for yourself!! I did the whole thing before I realized it!! I used CHALK PAINT! It dried within minutes!



11.7 x 4.5 x .1 cm

In 1998 I drove across the country with Daryl. I filmed things, some 35mm, some super 8. This is a thermal print of two sequential stills from the super 8 footage. The image is of the Lonon Lodge outside of New Orleans. Thinking back on the trip, the process, the artifacts, the dire hotel itself, I cannot think of anything more analog. Not even a fucking LP…. Read More

"Ruby Tuesday" Freakout Guitars (Spin-O-Rama,1967)

Freakout!!: The Great New Guitar Sounds Freakout Guitars (Spin-O-Rama, 1967)

This super-cheesy whammy-bar fueled version of the Rolling Stones classic has always been a personal guilty pleasure of mine. In fact both sides of this album are worth a listen (it’s department store budget albums like this one that also have some of the most kickass talk-over music for your community LPFM radio show.)

I think this was as close to a psychedelic album as Spin-O-Rama Records ever got. <… Read More

Mystery Food: Deep Sea Finger Lobster

What was this?

I saw this 1977 Sizzler ad on Pinterest and it gave me a flashback to this 1983 commercial.

I’m not an expert at seafood (I’m actually allergic to it and I’m also revolted by the smell.) But even back then, this sounded suspicious. Because I have never heard of this type of lobster before. Ever.

And I’ve never heard of it since. So what was it? Lobsters shaped like an obscene gesture?

My first hunch then and the one I still hold now was baby lobsters. The inevitable trawler bycatch that wouldn’t satisfy any serious hardcore lobster lover. But served in quantity with a mouthwatering new name and target it to trendy young adults? New menu item.

So I did some researc… Read More

Do It Debbie’s Way (Sterling Entertainment Group/Video Associates, 1983 VHS Tape)

Do It Debbie’s Way may sound like the sequel to something you’d find in the darker corner of your video rental store (usually the one behind the beaded curtains.)

The late Debbie Reynolds was one of America’s 1950 and 60s sweethearts and a legendary actress and singer. And of course, mom to the late Carrie Fisher. And like many stars in the ’80s, she also got into the exercise craze.

But this video wasn’t for everybody. You must have a tolerance for ’40s style Big Band music. And lots of corny humor attempts. This offering was tailored for a specific audience. Namely the older folks who wanted to lose weight, but didn’t want any of that Jane Fonda commie crap (in spite of the fact Jane Fonda was the bourgeois favorite of the… Read More

The Last 78 RPM Records

“Gwendolyne” Julio Iglesias (1970, Colombia) Image: DiscogsWhat was the last 78 RPM record?

I’ve been asked this question now and then and to be perfectly honest, the 78 RPM speed is still with us. Mostly for collectors items and not as general releases. But it does occasionally surface.

But as general releases, 78 RPM was largely passe in America by 1957. In 1957, sales of 78 RPM records accounted for 4,500,000 units in 1957. In 1958, it plummeted to less than 500,000, less than 5% of overall sales and the writing was on the wall.

<img border="0" data-original-height="215" data-original-width="215" height="400" src="https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-pSspBYRLc_8/XeDcldPZJsI/AAAAAAAATcA/w0qKcQQ8Si4gwL-uTpxoMGE0… Read More