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Hello Dumpster Divers,

This took over a month to write and was almost lost forever this afternoon due to a nuclear Blogger blog-editing error in cross-contaminating the hard coding of the final notes for this post I had sketched down in LibreOffice while copying them to edit into the native Blogger blog editor. 

Imagine taking a project of this size (one of the longest and most comprehensive posts I’ve written in a while), with no safety back up and with one foolish copy and paste into the blog and a one horrifyingly consequential  back-keystroke (without reading the raw HTML), suddenly alter six weeks of work and research into an unreadable mess. 

At least this time, it was merely altered. But it could be straightene… Read More

Dumpster Rental, Landfills and the EPA – How the Do-It-Yourselfer Gets Rid of Their Construction

Being fully a dedicated DIY enthusiast is a good way to minimize the amount of money spent fixing up your house. It very nearly means you can get a fixer upper at a great price instead of paying a fortune for the “perfect” house. Unfortuitously, it also means you’re going to be hip deep in construction waste! Here’s a quick guide to dumpster rental, hauling trash to the landfill and what the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) needs to say about your home improvement.

Dumpster Rental

Did you know that it’s not necessary to be a professional contractor (or have an “in” with the construction dumpster rental Philadelphia PA fairy) to help you to get an industrial sized dumpster for your home improvement projects? That’s right. There are companies available that realize Do-It-Yourselfers make just as much construction waste as a professional crew, and they will have dedicated themselves to ensuring homeowners like you have … Read More

Roll Off Dumpsters Consolidate Waste and Save Money

Something as innocuous as renovation and construction trash will set you back money. A homeowner who’s renovating their kitchen or another available room in the house, may think of how to proceed with the trash and recyclables hardly. They could be like your weekly garbage output, but 100 times bigger. Naturally, although a lot of people don’t really think about any of it, you shall need a larger “garbage can”.

Because a miami florida trash dumpstersisn’t a standard tool to rent, a homeowner may wonder just what a company’s response will undoubtedly be if they enquire about renting one of these brilliant large and useful containers. How could it be handled and how will you work out the price, and exactly what will the pickup and delivery schedule be? Roll Off dumpsters, according to their name, can be rented online easily, delivered to where you are and rolled off, and when chock-full, picked up on your own schedule. If your home’s l… Read More

The 1972 Xerox Alto: The Worlds First Internet PC

Photo: Michael Hick/FlickrThe year was 1972 and everything was perfectly normal. People sent text messages through snail mail, watched 3-5 local channels on broadcast TV. Movies on demand were viewed in theaters, mostly paid for things in cash at places called “retail stores” you had to physically get to, listened to music on tiny AM pocket radios with earphones and “downloaded” the latest pop singles from something called a “record store” on 7″ polystyrene discs. Social media was done over the telephone. Perfectly normal.

Or was it? (I can’t tell anymore. 47 years of change can do that.)

Computers as we know them today were mostly things you saw on science fiction TV shows and movies. And endless “World of Tomorrow” … Read More

Top 10 Dumpster Moments You Won’t Forget: The Two Month Edition

Well folks, time has flown and we can hardly believe it ourselves, but the dumpster has already celebrated its two month birthday as the world’s trashiest mini-home. A lot has happened since Professor Dumpster moved in on February 4th. There have been highs (a top-notch Ford Foundation prize) and lows (a dumpster flooding incident), but one thing is for sure—we’re testing the idea of living well with less and, so far, we’ve learned a lot while having a ton of fun (we’ll keep you posted on the fun barometer as the scorn of Texas summer approaches).

Check out the ten most memorable moments from the experiment thus far!

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1) We got a dumpster.

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