How To Dispose of Old Boats & Watercrafts

You can learn to dispose of old boats and watercraft, but you need to have some thought about this because you will start noticing that there are a lot of things that you can do to make those old boats and watercraft turn into cash. You have probably thought about boat rentals in Jonestown TX because now you can just rent a boat and now you can get rid of the things that you have had to hold onto that you did not really want to deal with. Someone who has had problems with their boats in the past can get rid of those boats, but they should go through a few steps that will make it easier to dispose of them in the right way.

The first thing that you can do is to make it clear that you are ready to get rid of this boat in all the parts. There are a lot of parts that you will want to get out of the boat, and you will notice that you can have the boat completely pulled apart. You will have a lot of people who will want to have the parts that come from your boat, and you can sell of… Read More

Diamond in the rough~

Let me tell ya, I have been a busy girl!! Between working at the shop, I have been redoing my home too!! Yesterday, I found this AWESOME Diamond in the rough chair on Craigs List for $50!!! I took it to the shop and painted/distressed it, then it was ready for some new fabric! I got it all done today, and now it sits proudly in my living room!! Once I get my curtains hung, and other items put in it’s place, I will post the FINAL RESULTS!!
I added old doors for height behind the newly reupholstered sofa! 
$50 Craigs List Chair BEFORE!!
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Your Husband Could Cost You $500,000: Why It’s A Bad Idea to Let Yo’ Man Manage Your Money

I know more women than I can count that let their male partners do the “big” and “important” financial tasks, like investing for retirement. Yes, relying on my personal anecdotal evidence is totally problematic, but there’s plenty o’ research to back up my observation: This study says married women take control of major financial decisions […]

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Dumpster Rental Cleans Up Your Yard Easily

Renting a 20 yard dumpster rental Philadelphia provides the easiest method to dispose of trash within a home project. Maryland’s cities offer limited trash pickup. This trash pickup is restricted to bagged trash that’s put out to the road in a trashcan. The trash must be separated according to local recycling laws and it mustn’t exceed a certain trash bag limit. This limit varies from city to city within Maryland; you must always check your local trash pickup regulations in order to comply with their trash pickup standards. Dumpster rentals in Maryland are available through online ordering and can be delivered the very next day.

If your yard is needing a freshening up along with your garage or shed is now filled with excess unneeded materials such as nearly empty paint cans and broken yard equipment, you can dispose of every thing in one 20 yard dumpster rental Philadelphia. Next day 20 yard Dumpster Rental Haverford is available; this dumpster rental will p… Read More

Garage sale GLAM

So…My 22 year old son has caught the FEVER!! He stopped at a garage sale and bought these chairs!! He even talked them down on the price!! He paid $40 for BOTH of these chairs! He was so proud, as am I!! I paid him $150 for the pair, so $110 PROFIT in his pocket! Well, I got right to work on one of them. I painted it gray, then did a black “wash” on it. I added this fancy damask fabric and VIOLA~ GARAGE SALE GLAM!!!
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Roll Off Dumpsters Keep Sites Tidy

Most professional and well-respected construction companies keep a tidy site. Even homeowners making use of their first demo job before them will attempt and organize their yard in order to maneuver around without stepping on old 2x4s with nails running trough them, or sharp and old bits of metal, etc. Also, construction trash is really a real hazard to any grouped family or worker. That’s where a roll off dumpster will come in really handy.

Homeowners with an area or two of demo before them can cut costs by renting their very own dumpster and also have it delivered right to their site. Construction companies use dumpster rental Allentown PA,companies for nearly every job — they inform them what size a roll off they need and then an area roll off or two is delivered and dropped off. Local is normall… Read More

KIRO-TV’s Telephonic Happening

On Saturday nights at 11:15pm in early 1971, after the 11PM evening newscast was over and the older folks were likely going to bed or watching the last late movies on other channels. KIRO TV & Radio in Seattle, Washington got psychedelic with their briefly run locally produced live music TV show series Telephonic Happening.

With then contemporary rock hits such as “Black Magic Woman/Gyspy Queen” Santana, “My Sweet Lord” George Harrison and “Honey Tonk Women” Rolling Stones and Matthews Southern Comfort’s rendition of “Woodstock” (not heard on this clip) and guest appearances on this surviving episode by local acts Adam Wind and Cold Trane, Telephonic Happening was presented in experimental 4 channel Quadraphonic sound with color psyc… Read More

What Happens When You Throw Away a Firearm?

Let it be

Ever wonder why there is so many strict rules in regards to the possession of firearms? Why every time more and more people like you and me are turning against them? For some just the fact of using them to kill animals for hunting purposes is a serious problem. Truly within this regards of owning any kind of firearms comes a lot of hatred or love from certain individuals. In the Spider-Man series there is a saying from uncle Ben that goes like this “with great power comes great responsibility” oh how true that statement is in regards of owning any kind of firearms. Let’s take for instance that you want to go hunting in Texas with your hunting rifle to go hunting with some of your friends. How would your neighbors, other friends, family or colleagues react when they see you do that? In many cases, a lot get over worried due to the fact of carrying these gadgets that are clearly powerful and deadly. Let’s see why that is the case for most.

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