Everyone Begins a n00b. Here’s How to Invest Your First $100

Babe Ruth had to swing his first baseball bat. Joey Chestnut, world-renowned competitive eater, had to eat his first hot dog. Kim Kardashian had to make her first, ahem, reality TV tape.   You, a new investor, must make your first investment. We all have to start somewhere! The key is to just get started. …

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Milk Paint Project!

I finally got my milk paint in from http://www.milkpaint.com/ I LOVE IT!! Now let me tell ya, I know this is NOT FOR EVERYONE! I personally will not use it on EVERY PIECE I DO!! It has it’s place, and this piece wears it well!! I have a plan for the inside and outside panels, so I did not paint them. I will do that part tomorrow, and I will post a photo! Anyway, I used the color “BUTTERMILK” on this one. I only did one coat. Once it dried, it started crackling all over! I must admit, I freaked out a little, but I shrugged it off, and went with it!! After all, it’s just paint, I could redo it if I need to! I have seen people take a putty knife to scrape of the loose paint, but I use a damp sponge and just start wiping! It works great! As you see, this piece is pretty beat up. I get a lot of ANTI PAINTED FURNITURE people, but some things are just too far gone to save! This was the perfect piece to play with!
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I just finished a dresser yesterday, and it was delivered to her new home today! I don’t always get to see the new space, but I am so glad I got to see this one! Now let me tell ya… This dresser is a classic piece, that was a BIG BROWN BEAST!! I had a customer come in the shop and we talked about painting it, GRAY & WHITE. So here ya go. I LOVE how just painting something can give it a whole new life. BEFORE, it was such a big masculine piece, AFTER, it was a light girly piece. What a huge difference!!!

Tisch Bumbass

“Yes, you read right! This is the world-famous “Tisch-Bumbass”. a real cool one man jazz band that requires absolutely no talent to play —- just nerve….Beautifully hand-carved in Germany and made of the finest materials, your ‘Tisch-Bum-bass’ will survive the wildest parties.” – Escapade Magazine, August 1962.The wildest parties. (You know? The ones with pretzels?)

This was Escapade Magazine, August 1962. I was born in 1968. So my takeaway from reading this was teasers like her in 1962 were hopelessly drawn to guys who can play the pie pan. tambourine, bicycle horn, cedar… Read More

Caravelle Candy Bars

While many people today think the only products made by The Peter Paul Company (now a division of the Hershey company since 1988) are the famous Almond Joy and Mounds bars, that isn’t true. They offered other kinds too, but a much smaller variety than competitors Hershey, M&M/Mars and Nestle. Being 4th ran against these giants made them that way.

Caravelle was introduced in the early ’70s to compete with the similar Nestle’s $100,000 bar (known the 100 Grand bar since the mid-’80s). But whereas the $100,000 bar tastes processed and is kind of rubbery, Caravelle was lighter and sweeter tasting.

They also had this famous TV commercial with an earworm jingle. I remember seeing this frequently when I was growing up in the ’70s.

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Trash to Treasure!

This piece is just a random classic small dresser. It was the shinny cherry wood, and the top was in bad shape!  What’s a girl to do with such a mess? Throw it away… some might say.  I shutter to think! I painted it black and used my favorite paper on top, to cover the scars from it’s past! Now this beauty will live on. A make over and a new owner is all she needed to shine!!  I used wallpaper paste to adhere the paper to the top! You can find this wonderful paper at http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.cakevintage.com%2FPhotoGallery.asp%3FProductCode%3DKP401&h=MAQENJO42

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Dumpster Dog Headquarters Relocation: Why I Moved to NYC

‘Cause I wanted to. THE END!! Okay, okay, just kidding. The change may appear surprising to those who don’t know me . For those that have not promptly followed my journey, to begin with, fuck you!!! What about this [points to self radically ] causes you to believe I do not need your continuous love and affection? […]

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