Chalk Paint~

I have been asked to share my homemade chalk paint recipe. So here ya go. Nothing extraordinary, I found the recipe on a blog myself! I use a container from Home Depot, fill the container up to the 20 oz. line with any brand & any color latex satin paint. Then I use a dixie cup, to measure out the plaster of Pairs. I got that idea from a friend who makes her own chalk paint too.  I pour the plaster of Paris up to the first line of the cup, and then about equal amounts of warm water. Mix it up until there are no lumps, then pour the mixture into the container of paint. That should give you exactly 1 quart of paint! I like to make my own because of the volume of items that I paint, it is more cost efficient for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the designer brands too, and if I didn’t have so many pieces to paint I would use them! 
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