Disk-GO-Case of 45’s

I bought this disk-GO-case for 5 bucks. I would have paid 5 bucks for the empty case but it was full of 45’s, so when i opened it up and saw “The Royal Teens” Short Shorts on the top of the pile it was a no brainer. So i bought it without looking at anymore of the 45’s or the condition. So i figured it might be fun to just go through the 45’s one by one and post them as i go through them. I have no idea what is in here or if any of it is any good. If the 45 was a “hit” like Short Shorts, I will post the flip.

Royal Teens – Planet Rock

Well, this isn’t going according to plan very well because the next 2 45’s i pulled out of the case (The Shangri-Las – Leader Of The Pack & The Safaris – Wipe Out) were both pretty beat up… Read More

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