Dumpster Rental, Landfills and the EPA – How the Do-It-Yourselfer Gets Rid of Their Construction

Being fully a dedicated DIY enthusiast is a good way to minimize the amount of money spent fixing up your house. It very nearly means you can get a fixer upper at a great price instead of paying a fortune for the “perfect” house. Unfortuitously, it also means you’re going to be hip deep in construction waste! Here’s a quick guide to dumpster rental, hauling trash to the landfill and what the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) needs to say about your home improvement.

Dumpster Rental

Did you know that it’s not necessary to be a professional contractor (or have an “in” with the construction dumpster rental Philadelphia PA fairy) to help you to get an industrial sized dumpster for your home improvement projects? That’s right. There are companies available that realize Do-It-Yourselfers make just as much construction waste as a professional crew, and they will have dedicated themselves to ensuring homeowners like you have … Read More

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