Economic Conditions Encourage New Careers in Michigan – Dumpster Diving in Metro Detroit, Michigan

Dumpster diving is growing in popularity and is most commonly witnessed in urban areas. Many homeless people have their favorite dumpsters hitting at various times. They might not be able to afford to consume at your favorite restaurant, however, you can bet they know exactly what time the establishment will be closed and what time the unused portions of prepared food is thrown out. If they are able to arrive at it in time, and it does not get mixed up with cleaners and buried under other garbage, chances are it will be edible.

One person’s trash is another’s treasure; the broken chair can be repaired; the coat with a broken zipper is better than non-e for someone who is homeless or else less fortunate.

Some dumpster divers have their own clubs or networking groups. That is correct; this is growing in popularity and becoming a career of preference for many people who have it down seriously to a science. They know the trash service’s pick-up routes and… Read More

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