Milk Paint Project!

I finally got my milk paint in from I LOVE IT!! Now let me tell ya, I know this is NOT FOR EVERYONE! I personally will not use it on EVERY PIECE I DO!! It has it’s place, and this piece wears it well!! I have a plan for the inside and outside panels, so I did not paint them. I will do that part tomorrow, and I will post a photo! Anyway, I used the color “BUTTERMILK” on this one. I only did one coat. Once it dried, it started crackling all over! I must admit, I freaked out a little, but I shrugged it off, and went with it!! After all, it’s just paint, I could redo it if I need to! I have seen people take a putty knife to scrape of the loose paint, but I use a damp sponge and just start wiping! It works great! As you see, this piece is pretty beat up. I get a lot of ANTI PAINTED FURNITURE people, but some things are just too far gone to save! This was the perfect piece to play with!
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