Old Fashion Milk Paint

I have been super busy at the shop! I finally got to order my OLD FASHION MILK PAINT!!! I got a few “PINT” samples in and let me tell ya…. I’M HOOKED!! I love the way it “looks like” I spent hours sanding to give it a worn out appearance!! Something totally unexpected and kinda funny happened, and it was a pleasant surprise! After I painted this piece, (ONE COAT) I sanded the edges. Well, my husband, trying to be helpful got a damp sponge to wipe off the dust from sanding. I wish I had a video of what happened next. As he started wiping, the paint started coming off!! He looked at me real fast, like a little kid doing something he knew was wrong! He goes “OOPS” I looked over and I said…OH NO…Then as I looked closer, I said “WOW…KEEP GOING, I LOVE IT” It did not come off every where, just in random spots, like where the paint was thicker etc. I am totally SOLD on this!! Now, I must say, Milk Paint has it’s place. I personally will not paint everything with this, b… Read More

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