Well as we are nearing the end of 2012, I have been looking back on all of God’s blessings of the year! I must admit, there have been years that I cannot wait to be over with. Hoping for a better new year, and dreaming of what the future will hold. However this year, has been a year of dreams coming true for me, so I kinda hate to see it go! Back in March I found a little old house just a few blocks from my house that is a flower shop. I stopped in and asked if she rented space and told her what I do, and she agreed to rent me a “bedroom” size area for my little shop! While it was great to be there, it was not exactly what I had dreamed of, but it was a good start! I was there for 4 months, and in July, I noticed a building that had a “FOR LEASE” sign out in the front. I went to school with the owner of the building, so I called and asked how much the rent would be! I was in “STICKER SHOCK” and thought that I would never be able to do it. I was with a friend and we started thinking of … Read More


2.7 cm diameter
Macau is about 40km south of Hong Kong, I think. It was a Portuguese colony from the 16th century until 1999. When I went there in 1997,  I found out that the first language was Cantonese, the second Portuguese. I found that out by not being able to talk to anyone. I would just point at food items and hand people patacas. I’m pretty sure I got a fare deal most of the time…. Read More

The Dumpster

Come on in and make yourself comfortable in our fully furnished 33 square foot house. Did we mention it’s a dumpster? While the project could have been centered around a large cargo container or a tiny house, we decided on the dumpster. A dumpster is the perfect symbol to present themes on waste and consumption in an engaging way. It’s weird. It’s fun. It gets the wheels of imagination turning.

Year 1

Over the course of the first year we transformed the dumpster from a rusty, dirty waste receptacle, to a bare camping box, to a rust-proofed box, until we made our first major interior change and added the false floor. We’ve been through a few design refreshed, wired up the dumpster with sensors that are streaming dumpster conditions. See them here. We changed the roof to help with the leaks, and after 6 months we connected to the grid and installed air conditioning. 

What’s next?
Our design process is iterative. We are working on the n… Read More


The Dumpster Project invites learners of all ages to rethink sustainability through the quirky task of turning a dumpster into a home. As we investigate the impacts of modern life, we will learn how a happy healthy (dumpster) home can help us have a happy healthy planet. The playful and imaginative tone of the Dumpster Project is integral to our educational mission. Our education program, the Dumpster Project ‘Home’ School has three components:

Home School Residency Program


Do you know a teacher who wants to seriously inspire his or her students to learn about sustainability? Nothing says commitment quite like staying in our dumpster home for a few nights! Educators can spend a night (or more!) in the dumpster through our Residency Program. We will help you plan … Read More


15 x 27 cm
I found a dead bird on the street one day. It was run over by something. I know that because of its flatness, the kind achieved almost exclusively by being run over by something. Maybe it was this flatness that made me think of this dead bird as collage material, but in any case, I kept it. I put it in an envelope that I wrote ‘DEAD BIRD’ on. Many months later I opened that envelope. You know, it is amazing how long a flat dead bird can retain its unpleasant odor.
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