The Dumpster

Come on in and make yourself comfortable in our fully furnished 33 square foot house. Did we mention it’s a dumpster? While the project could have been centered around a large cargo container or a tiny house, we decided on the dumpster. A dumpster is the perfect symbol to present themes on waste and consumption in an engaging way. It’s weird. It’s fun. It gets the wheels of imagination turning.

Year 1

Over the course of the first year we transformed the dumpster from a rusty, dirty waste receptacle, to a bare camping box, to a rust-proofed box, until we made our first major interior change and added the false floor. We’ve been through a few design refreshed, wired up the dumpster with sensors that are streaming dumpster conditions. See them here. We changed the roof to help with the leaks, and after 6 months we connected to the grid and installed air conditioning. 

What’s next?
Our design process is iterative. We are working on the n… Read More

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